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Made in Lowell, Mass

Est. 2017

The Golden Pumpkin

A multidimensional experience, The Golden Pumpkin marries the warmth of pumpkin and pineapple with the fire of the golden ghost pepper to create a truly unique flavor. 


40 Shades of Green Chilli

Every hot sauce lover needs a flavorful verde sauce that you can put on anything. This hot sauce has a blend of four different types of green chilli peppers and is balanced with a fruit-forward combination of roasted tomatillos, green apples, peaches, and cilantro.


Mill City Red

Mill City Red is a Louisiana-style sauce with the added zing of fermentation, inspired by the blend of cultures and cuisines among the red bricks of Craic Sauce's hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Good craic is our guiding light! For ye yanks, it's crack and is all about making flavorful hot sauces, and having a good with our community doing it. Here's our story!


We curated well-balanced, and super flavorful box of hot sauces, all made by women-owned hot sauce business. Try the Female Founded Flavors Box!


Want to be part of our first crowd-sourced beer hot sauce recipe in collaboration with Navigation Brewery?

I know, I know... that's very "crafty" but you're going to decide how good it is!

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